By: Matt Dean

Why I ALWAYS present offers and negotiate in person

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I want to talk about why I always present offers and negotiate in person.
There is a phrase that goes “they mailed it in”.  The Urban Dictionary defines it as - to stop caring about a task or event before the task is complete. To not care anymore and “mail it in”. It’s commonly used in sports when an athlete is doing the minimum to get by or when a worker is about to go on vacation and their heart isn’t in the job the days preceding their departure. We’ve all been there!
With the advent of digital signatures and the proliferation of email, I think we need to update this phrase to EMAIL IT IN! We have lost the art of one on one communication. This has become very evident in the world of Real Estate. Offers are simply “mailed in” and we sit back and wait at the mercy of the other side.
Well, I believe my job is to give my buyers the best chance possible of getting their dream home. This means using all my knowledge as an Accredited Buyer Rep and skills as a Certified Negotiation Expert to get the best deal and make the transaction smooth and stress free for my clients.
To achieve this, you need to create a connection with whoever is on the other side of the table. Not just the Sellers, but also the other Realtor. When they like and trust you, it is so much easier to come to an agreement. You simply can’t do that over email. 
Telling a story and painting a picture of who the buyers are will create an emotional bond between the sellers and buyers. Talking to the Sellers on a personal level, making them laugh, and assuring them no games will be played to guarantee a worry-free closing, translates in a better deal and happy parties all around!
I won’t go into specific details of how I negotiate, but I’d love to share some results!
On one offer night, there were four other offers and three rounds of negotiating. The other Realtors were in and out in 30 seconds, while I was with the sellers for 10 to 15 minutes each time. At one point, I told the sellers about my clients and how their home would make it easier for the their two boys to go to university. Well, it so happens the sellers had raised their two boys in this home and now that they were gone, it was important to them that another family could grow and enjoy their home. To the other Realtor’s surprise, the Sellers took $7000 LESS than the highest offer because they wanted to work with me, knowing the home was going to the right family! This is what truly connecting with people can achieve.
In another multiple offer situation the Seller’s Realtor relayed my reputation for being professional, honest and getting the job done to the Sellers. I used my sense of humour to win them over, asked personal questions and took a genuine interest in the Sellers. By the end of the night we were like old friends. I was confident I had done my job well, but even I was surprised when the Seller’s signed back at a price $3000 LOWER for my buyers to accept because, in their words to my buyers, “ they were so impressed with my approach, the didn’t feel right taking more than they needed!
Those are just two example of at least half a dozen times I have managed to win in multiple offers when we weren’t the highest price or convinced Seller’s take less than they initially set their mind to. 
I can’t tell you how amazing it feels when I tell my clients they got the home they fell in love with and for a great price!
So, you have my word, I never forget how important your home is to you and I will never mail it, or email it in! Remember, It’s all about you!



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