By: Matt Dean

Why January is a Great Time to Sell!

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It’s January, and it’s cold outside and there may be snow. You’re anxious to sell your house, but you think January can’t possibly be a good time to put your home on the market. I mean, who wants to go out in that kind of weather? Most will tell you that April is a much better month to put your house on the market. I have had great success selling in January (even December can be great), and her is why...

1. There are fewer houses on the market – you’ll have less competition and a greater chance of getting an offer. Simple supply and demand rules.

2. Anyone house hunting in January is serious about buying – the tire kickers are at home where it’s warm. 

3. January is the biggest month for corporate employee transfers. Buyers being transferred to your area don’t have the luxury of time – they’re ready to make an offer on your house right now! They have less "Walk Away Power" and therefore  will negotiate with less games.


Tips for a successful winter home sale.

Of course, this is all coupled with the esssential global internet marketing I offer. All of these things will ensure a quick, stress-free sale!

Call me anytime to discuss how selling now may be right for you!

MATT DEAN, Realtor

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