By: Matt Dean

Is now a good time to invest in Toronto Downtown Condos?

Tags: Investing in Toronto Condos, Toronto Condo Market, Toronto Real Estate Market

I’m sure you’ve heard that Toronto downtown condo sales have softened, thanks to the pandemic driving renters and owners to the GTA suburbs, looking for larger spaces and backyards now that working from home appears to be the new norm. Adding to this, the lack of tourism and stricter regulations on Air BnB owners is forcing many to move away from the short-term rental market and into t...Read More

By: Matt Dean

5 Features Attracting Buyers During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Tags: Selling home during Covid19, Real Estate Market, Buying real estate during the pandemic, Toronto Real Estate, Mississauga Real Estate Agent

Spending so much more time at home, this year has had everyone taking a close look at their homes and the improvements that they wish they had. Many homeowners are making drastic improvements to make more space and others are deciding that they need a new home altogether. I thought I’d share a few features moving up on lists of wants and needs in the age of COVID-19. If you are selling a hom...Read More

By: Matt Dean

Why You Need a Buyers Agent By Your Side

Tags: Buying a home, Buyers agent, Why you need a buyers agent, Toronto Real Estate Agent

Why You Need a Buyers Agent at Your Side!   Ready to house hunt? It's a jungle out there: Prepare for a flurry of paperwork, stampedes of buyers competing for the same digs, and many other challenges, before you get your hands on those house keys. I won't lie: The process can be complex and stressful—especially if you are a first-time buyer. Having an Accredited B...Read More

By: Matt Dean

What is Really happening in the Toronto Real Estate During COVD-19

Tags: COVID-19, Toronto Real Estate, Real Estate Market

With many of us isolating ourselves and having more time on our hands, it’s hard not to read all the news and get caught up in the drama. Unfortunately, the media will exploit a statistic, out of context, and use that to entice readers to click on an article. The problem is, the same news provider can have two completely opposite views on the same topic in the same day. So, what are you to b...Read More

By: Matt Dean

Selling in a Social Distancing Environment - COVID-19

Tags: COVID-19, Selling during COVID19,Real Estate in Toronto, Social Distancing

Selling a Home in a Social Distancing Environment   I hope you are staying safe and healthy in this unprecedented time. While I am doing my part to keep those around me safe and advising clients to put off any in person meetings wherever possible, be it viewing a home, or hosting open houses, there are situations where someone simply cannot wait to sell their home. They may have already bo...Read More

By: Matt Dean

Drive until you Qualify! Mortgage Stress Test pushes Buyers outside the GTA

Tags: Real Estate, House Prices, Buying a home

More than half of potential home buyers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) were affected by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) mortgage stress test in 2019, according to a survey in the yearly housing market report released by the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board on Thursday. Read Artice on:  Financial Post   ...Read More

By: Matt Dean

The Award I cherish MOST - and why it matters to YOU!

Tags: Mississauga Real Estate Agent, working with a realtor, Oakville real estate agent, Toronto Real Estate agent

  Every January, Realtors flood social media with their awards and achievements. Now, don’t get me wrong, It’s wonderful to celebrate success. Realtors work hard, unpredictable and long hours, so why wouldn’t we share our accolades? The only caveat about real estate awards is they are almost exclusively tied to gross commissions or number of sales and sometimes are relati...Read More

By: Matt Dean

Losing The Waiting Game

Tags: Buying a home, the real estate market, Buying a home in Mississauga, Buying a home in Toronto, Should I buy now?

Losing The Waiting Game Why it may cost you more to wait than to buy right now   The question of whether to buy now or wait has always been prevalent, but possibly never so much as the past 5 years. It is a question I get asked every day and my answer has always been the same, and, in my professional opinion, the right answer. Buying sooner than later tends to be a better decision. Especia...Read More

By: Matt Dean

Why I ALWAYS present offers and negotiate in person

Tags: Winning in multiple offers, Buying a home, negotiation, Buying a home in Mississauga, Buying a home in Toronto, Buying a home in Oakville

WHY I ALWAYS PRESENT OFFERS IN PERSON   I want to talk about why I always present offers and negotiate in person.   There is a phrase that goes “they mailed it in”.  The Urban Dictionary defines it as - to stop caring about a task or event before the task is complete. To not care anymore and “mail it in”. It’s commonly used i...Read More

By: Matt Dean

Do's and Don'ts of Mortgage Approval

Tags: Getting A Mortgage, Mortgage pre approval, Buying a home, mortgage financing

Becoming a homeowner is a life-long dream for many Canadians. There are so many aspects of purchasing a home that I, as your Realtor, will take care of, from finding the home, making sure it is viable with home inspections Even if you are not a first time home buyer, rules and requirements change. So, it’s imperative to seek the help of an excellent mortgage professional. To help you get th...Read More

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