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Toronto has a fantastic Transit system! You can buy a Metropass for unlimited travel in a specific month on all regular TTC services.(Extra fare required for Downtown Express routes or contracted routes operated by the TTC outside the City of Toronto) A Monthly Metropass cost $133.75.

The TTC Metropass is transferable, however the pass can only be transferred after a person using it has exited the TTC transit system. No "Pass Back" allowed. Penalty for misuse.


Here is a map of the Toronto Transit Sytem. This will help you plan your 

commute and see what neighbourhoods and locations will work for you.




For those who chose to live outside Downtown Toronto neighbourhoods but work downtown, GO Transit has a plethora of busses and trains to make your commute quick and easy. 

Here are Go Transit's maps and schedules to help you with your decision.




BUYERS : In order to ensure a stress-free, smooth transition, please see the pages for Foreign Investors/Buyers :
International Buyer's Resource
Foreign Investor FAQ
RENTERS : In order to ensure a stress-free, smooth transition, 
it will be essential for those relocating to have certain papers prepared in advance.
Here are the requirements for all prospective tenants in Toronto:
*A Rental Application filled out. As part of the Rental Application, you will be asked for 2 References that can be contacted by phone. In addition, if you have an existing landlord, their contact would be helpful. The Rental Application will be emailed to you once we have your contact info. 
*A Credit Check with your FICO score. You can attain this HERE
*Deposit - First and Last month’s rent  in a money order must be submitted within 24 hours of acceptance of your offer to lease. This is an absolute must. 
*Photo ID - Just a copy of your drivers license or Picture page of your Pasport
*Although not absolutely necessary, it has been helpful to our past tenants to write a short note to prospective landlords describing why your would be a good tenant. Here is an example you may alter for your own letter:
About Your New Tenant
I am a young professional that is relocating to Toronto from California to continue my work with Legend 3D, Inc., an innovative   stereoscopic and visual effects company committed to advancing the art of 3D for first-run feature films.
You might be wondering what makes me the ideal tenant. For starters, I am a serious individual who is quiet, respectful, and clean. Cleanliness is very important to me and I like my home to feel clean, organized, and inviting. I want to make this rental place feel like home and treat it with care as I would if it were my own home. 
On another note, I will not allow smoking in the premises, I do not have any pets, and I am not loud. I enjoy watching movies, going out with friends, and reading books in the evenings, so I will not be disturbing any neighbors. 
Regarding finances, I have always paid our rent on time, and like to keep our finances in order.  I am contracted to work in Toronto for a full two years. I like to live within my means and am very fiscally responsible. 
Overall, if you chose me to be your tenant, you would be happy to know that your place is in good hands. I will take care of the place and look forward to having a pleasant relationship with my future landlord. 

If any of these items are a problem, for example, a bad Credit Check/FICO score, you may be able to mitigate this by offering a few extra month’s rent up front. Be sure to discuss this with the agent helping you before  setting out to view prospective rentals.
Note: Before viewing any rentals with your agent, you will need to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement. This will assure you that your agent will have your best interests at heart and that they are working for you and not the Landlord. Also, this means that you will work solely with that agent.
This is the only way a licensed real estate agent can negotiate a lease that will protect your interests. 
All tenants in Ontario are required to provide their own Contents Insurance as well as maintain Public Liability.
To find out more and get a quote, go to:






After viewing lease units and finally choosing a property that fits the bill, we then begin the “Offer to lease process” in order to finalize and secure that property/unit for a specific time period (usually for a 1 year with an option to renew on a month to month basis for the following year or to renew for another 1 year period).

1.  Please bring all required documents with every showing to ensure we are prepared and organized just in case there are or may be other interested parties for the same units (Landlords will pick the most prepared Tenants  9 out of 10 times).


2.  Your Agent will have a copy of the “offer to lease” ready to be filled out and signed by the prospective Tenants. Basically within the offer are the terms and conditions of the lease, including the most important parts being start date, price/month, deposit (1st and last) and clauses to protect the prospective tenants as the “offer to lease” actually becomes the lease by which all guidelines are set out and agreed by both parties (landlord and tenant).


3.  When all documents are understood and signed by the Tenants, we then submit the complete package to the Landlord or Landlords agent with a deadline (irrevocable date and time) in which we require an answer to our offer.


4.  If the Landlord agrees to our “offer to lease” we then have 24 hours to produce our deposit in the form of a bank draft, which needs to be delivered to the landlord’s agents office post haste.


5.  If for any reason they do not agree to our offer or make any changes to the original offer, we then have to agree to the changes or start the process over with a second choice or find another suitable unit/property.


6.  If the offer is accepted and the deposit has been submitted, we then prepare to take possession on the agreed date. On or before the agreed date we schedule a meeting at the unit building or property where we exchange keys for post dated cheques and we also have a chance to inspect the unit for any damages (taking time stamped photos to protect ourselves from being charged for damages that were there before we took possession). In cases where a condo complex is involved and the keys come with a fob for entry or use of the building amenities, the landlord may ask for a “key deposit”. Also the property management company will require the new tenant to book the elevator and leave a personal cheque (which will not be cashed unless the building is damaged during the move).


It may seem to be a lot of information to take in and in most cases is easier to purchase a unit than it is to lease. We understand completely not everyone is in the position to buy so we will do our best to make it as easy as possible for all parties involved to get through it without any problems.





So...which neighbourhood is best for you?


To help you decide which neighbourhood is best for you, here are some highlights of the different locations that may interest you. 

If you are interested in a different area, just ask and I will advise you. I know the whole GTA very well!


I have quoted the average rental prices. Since the seeling prices for homes in Toronto change often, 

If you are looking to purchase, I will send you updated price ranges.


Downtown Core


Do you like to be in the heart of the action? Downtown will certainly give you the most options and choices. From entertainment, restaurants, nightlife to shopping. Just hop on a streetcar or subway and you are there in no time. Condos are usually the choice of city-dwellers, however, there are homes available for rent as well. The price range downtown varies greatly depending on your needs and wants.



Queens Quay - Downtown Waterfront


Toronto's Downtown Waterfront condos offer some amazing views of the city looking north and relaxing views of the lake looking south. Residents can take advantage of The Entertainment District, The Waterfront Trail, CN Tower, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions, Shopping and Union Station to take you anywhere you need to go in the GTA. Condos on the waterfront rent from $1500 for a small 1 bedroom, to $1800 or $1900 for a decent sized 1 plus den and around $2000 and up for a 2 bedroom.


Liberty Village



Liberty Village Condos are all that and more. It's a multi-dimensional 45 acre master planned community located in the desirable King West District. It has pulse of energy that creates a feeling unlike anything you've ever felt before. Liberty Village is a 24-7 engine of activity with everything you could need within walking distance such as 24 hour Dominion/ Metro, Banking, Goodlife Gym, Brazen Head bar/ restaurant and much much more. There's easy access to the Gardiner and Lakeshore and Downtown Toronto.


You will find a good variety of condo apartments, lofts and townhomes in Liberty Village ranging from $1600 to $3500.


The Beaches



The Beaches looks and feels more like a lakeside resort town, than a big city neighbourhood. In the summertime, thousands of Torontonians and tourists flock to The Beaches to walk on The Boardwalk, exercise along the Martin Goodman Trail, relax by the water, or shop and dine at the colourful stores and restaurants along Queen Street. Here you will find detached and semi-detached homes on small lots with lots of character. This charm comes at a premium, of course, so expect to pay between $2400 all the way up to $6000 for a house in the Beaches.


The Annex


The Annex is Toronto's most heterogenous community. Its residents include successful business people, prominent artists, University of Toronto students and faculty, and people from all walks of life. This is a vibrant neighbourhood that draws its energy from the University of Toronto, as well as from the bars, restaurants and nightclubs that crowd together along Bloor Street.

Many of the rooming houses and multi-unit homes in the Annex have recently been converted back to single family houses reflecting the return to prominence of this historic Toronto neighbourhood. Rentals in the Annex tend to be at the upper end of the scale. A few older condos rent from $1700 to $2500 for a 1 bedroom, 1 plus den, and 2 beds from $2250 to $3000, and from there, the sky is the limit, including a suite in the Four Seasons for $30,000 a month!





The green and white Leslieville street signs that run along Queen Street were installed in 1987. These historic markers are symbolic of a renewed interest and pride in Leslieville among the residents of this quiet east end neighbourhood. 

Leslieville, still feels very much like a small village. It's cozy houses, quaint stores, and tree lined streets, seem surprisingly serene and peaceful considering Leslieville's close proximity to downtown Toronto. Rents in Leslieville typically range from $2000 to $3000 for Towns,Semis and Detached homes.


NOTE: Rentals under $2100 in this area are very few, especially if you have a pet. 


Toronto West Waterfront - Humber Bay



The Humber Bay Shores area is located along Lake Shore Boulevard between the Humber River and Mimico Creek. This waterfront community, sometimes referred to as the "Western Beaches," consists predominantly of luxury condominium apartment buildings and an eclectic collection of homes.  In the past 5 years many new condominium apartment buildings and townhomes have sprung up, and still many more are in various stages of development.  The lure of the water, magnificent views, access to great parks, and a whole host of outdoor activities is making this area a hot spot! Condos and towns in this area rent between $1250 to $1700 for a 1 bedroom condo, 2 bedrooms range between $1600 and $2750 with large luxury condos/towns all the way up to $5000.


Roncesvalles Village


Roncesvalles is known for its European ambience and small-town feel.This neighbourhood is popular with young families who appreciate the convenience of the location just west of downtown.The close proximity to High Park, Toronto waterfront bicycle and walking trails, easy access to public transit, and the Roncesvalles shops and restaurants are also popular drawing cards.

The Roncesvalles Polish Festival,which takes place annually in September,attracts thousands of visitors. Roncesvalles Avenue is closed off for this festival that includes Polish dancers,children's games and rides,polka bands and lots of food and refreshments.

Roncesvalles Avenue is said to be a favourite among streetcar enthusiasts,who relish the fact that the stops are distanced far enough apart for the streetcar to build up some speed,and who appreciate the picturesque and lively atmosphere along the route. Rentals rang from $1500 to $2400 for a condo apartment or loft in a multiplex, and $2500 and up for a semi-detached or detached house.


Bloor West Village

Bloor West Village is a popular neighbourhood for families. It has many excellent schools and is within walking distance of High Park - Toronto's biggest and best known park. This west end neighbourhood is highlighted by the Bloor West Village retail district which attracts shoppers from all over the city. The Bloor Subway will take you downtown in no time.


Trinity - Bellwoods

The focal point of this inner-city neighbourhood is the very picturesque Trinity-Bellwoods Park, which spans the entire length of the neighbourhood. This park features a paved walking path that is highlighted by distinguished cast iron lamp poles and a lush greenery.

In addition to Trinity-Bellwoods Park, this neighbourhood also features affordable Victorian houses, excellent shopping districts, and convenient access to major transportation routes for motorists and pedestrians. There is a plethora of options to rent in Trinity-Bellwoods from a level in a house, unit in a multiplex, condos to full towns/semis and detached homes spanning the full range of prices from $1400 to $6500.


East York


For many years East York has held the distinction of having the highest percentage of senior citizens in Metropolitan Toronto. These demographics are changing however as many young families are now moving into this neighbourhood. Home buyers are finding East York attractive because the houses are relatively affordable and the location offers quick and easy access to downtown Toronto.


Rentals in East York are few and far between, but those lovely homes available range from $2600 and up.




Mississauga is a very diverse and multicultural city comprised of a number of smaller neighbourhoods, each with their own distinct identity. By far the largest population base and the highest density in Mississauga is concentrated in the downtown core situated at Burnhamthorpe Road and Hurontario Street. Square One (the largest Shopping centre in eastern Canada) the Mississauga Civic Centre with its distinctive clock tower, the Living Arts Centre, and the massive Mississauga Central Library are all clustered in Mississauga’s downtown core.

Mississauga also features a revitalized waterfront on the shores of Lake Ontario, magnificent conservation lands abutting the Credit River, two hospitals (Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre), the University Of Toronto’s sprawling Erindale College campus on Mississauga Road, Stage West hotel and entertainment complex and the Hershey Centre which hosts large sport and entertainment events. 

Mississauga holds the distinction of being rated as Canada’s safest city for 8 years in a row. This family friendly City has 11 community centres, highly-ranked schools, and over 480 parks, plus 23 major trail systems including a beautiful waterfront trail. The MiWay transit system offers a network of bus routes making it easy to get around the city by public transit. Mississauga is a diverse and vibrant city that is truly reflective of the Canadian mosaic. Mississauga has a cherished past and an exciting future.  Homes in Missisauga rent from $1650 for a Townhome to as much as $5000 for a nicer detached house.


Commuting from Mississauga to Downtown is easy using GO Transit!


Missisauga City Centre Condos


City Centre is famous for not just Square one condos but is the destination of choice of new immigrants and professionals from other parts of the GTA.  The City has invested millions to build the Mississauga Celebration Square. The place has become vibrant with many year round activities like festivals, road shows, multicultural events, farmers markets etc. City Centre is surrounded by many condo near Square One area. Square One shopping mall has grown to be the largest mall in Ontario, and the second largest in Canada, with over 360 stores and services. 

It is the home of City politics, Office of the Mayor of Mississauga, Mississauga Celebration Square, Sheridan College, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Living Arts Centre, Sports Hall of Fame and many City Centre condos.

?Great amenities surrounds Mississauga Square One condos at City Centre

Mississauga Celebration Square at Mississauga City Centre is the center of year around community events and celebrations. Mississauga Celebration Square is GTA's one of the best public spaces with well-marked crosswalks, outdoor skating rink, children play area, outdoor cafes, vendor carts, fountain, markets, horticulture displays, art and sculpture etc. During the summer months, Mississauga's Celebration Square is transformed into a beautiful outdoor community centre. Many Square One condo dwellers find the Celebration Square a great place for all their outdoor activities.? Many flagship events take place at the Celebration Square: Canada Day Event, famous Carassauga, Rotary Ribs festival, MOSAIC-The festival of cultures, Symphony under the Stars and Mississauga Marathon.


1 bedroom condos start as low as $1350 for a small unit and 2 bedrooms start around $1600 for a 2 bedroom up into the thousands, depending on size and finishes. 


There is a GO Train station just 10 minutes walk from most building in the City Centre area, as well as Go Busses that will take you to the subways.

For links to Schools, Hospitals, and anything else you may need, go to:


Alternative Resource for lesser priced accommodations.


NOTE: if you need or want a place for less money (under $1200/$1300) you may consider an alternative to having a real estate agent help you with your lease. is a resource for rental buildings in the Greater Toronto Area. You may find something less expensive. Keep in mind, these are rental buildings and not condominium buildings, so they will not have the amenities or finishes that the condos/homes an agent will find for you. Also, the locations may not be ideal. In Toronto, as most cities, location dictates price. will not deal with real estate agents on negotiating a lease. That being said, even if you chose to not use our services to find a home, we are here if you have any questions.  


CAUTION: There are a lot of problems with FRAUD on sites like Craigslist and Kijiji. That, coupled with the fact that many landlords do not follow the legal guidelines set out in the Residential Tenancies Act, you could find yourself in an unfortunate situation. This is why the MLS and licensed real estate agents are essential when relocating. Regardless of your needs or price range, we will do our best to help, however, we will be honest and straight forward as to the reality of what is available.




Considering Buying?


Real Estate in the Greater Toronto Area has continued to be a fantastic invesment. Even with moderate appreciation and a reasonable down payment, historically, buying has been more financially beneficial than renting, assuming you stay in a home, or keep the home as a rental property, for a minimum of 2 to 3 years.


We would be happy to discuss your options and whether buying is right for you. Simply let us know when filling out the above for, and we will give you all the information that you may make the right decision for you and your family.


You may have read in the media of the impending bubble about to burst (the media has been calling for this for 15 years now) however, keep in mind that Ontario has an average of 100,000 immigrants every year and more than 90% come to Toronto and the Peel Region (Mississauga, Brampton areas). This keeps the demand for real estate steady, if not high and gives the area a solid foundation for the forseeable future.


Here is a comparision of Renting vs Buying. All numbers are averages and the appreciation is modest at best. Depending on the area you buy, you could see considerably higher rates of return.


No matter what your needs are, I can help your move to the Toronto area smooth and easy. 

To start the process:

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