*         Sellers benefit from buyer agency by attracting more transferee buyers because corporations are insisting on buyer agency for their transferring employees.

*         Sellers benefit from buyer agency because sellers become buyers and want the dedication, loyalty and accountability offered by the buyer's agent.




1.     Strive to locate the best home available to meet the buyer's needs and desires.

2.     Provide pertinent information and assist in making an objective evaluation as requested by buyer for desired properties selected.

3.     Provide price information and prepare an appraisal CMA for a property prior to making an offer.

4.     Prepare an offer and negotiate for the best possible price, terms & conditions for the buyer.

5.     Exercise skill, care and professionalism in all aspects of the transaction.

6.     Keep buyer fully informed at all stages of the transaction.




1.     Remain loyal to your Buyer Agent by promptly informing other agents, private sellers and builders of your Agency Relationship buyer's contract.

2.     Contact your Buyer Agent regarding all properties in which you may become interested; signs, ads, internet.

3.     Provide candid feedback and pertinent information, as needed, to expedite the buying process.

4.     Keep Buyer Agent fully informed at all stages of the transaction.



Ads, Signs, Web, Open Houses, Privates & New Homes

1.     Write down information or save the advertisement. Call Buyer Agent with your information so that we can get all the details for you.

2.     Do Not call seller's agent, the seller, knock on the door or approach the owner if you drive by. Any information about you may and will be used against you during negotiations if you decide to put an offer later.

3.     Disclose to other agents that you are under a Buyer's Contract at Public Open Houses or whenever you bump into another agent or seller. They'll respect that, think of you as a serious buyer and they'll leave you alone.

4.     Before visiting a New Homes site, let your Buyer Agent know so that we may register you with the builder (if they cooperate with Realtors, most do). This will allow us to negotiate for you and get paid by the builder.

5.     Inform your Buyer Agent if you are interested in a private sale even though some private sellers will try to entice you by telling you that bringing in your Buyer Agent will cost you more (as much as the commission) to buy their house. The reality is, a Buyer Agent will negotiate a better total-price, that includes the commission. Do not jeopardize a successful sale by negotiating face to face with a private seller because if the seller knows what they're doing, you'll overpay. If the seller does not know what they're doing, they'll screw up the transaction.


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